1. What can I do within the Idea City platform?

Idea City is a platform for anyone with an idea to create a product and to seek financial backing from investors. In turn, investors can invests in projects of interest to them. Professionals can offer their services to creators with potential of partnering. Another group called buyers can also have commercial relationships with the parties. No matter what profile you are, Idea City is the platform for you.

2. What other services does Idea City offer in additional to funding platform?

There are platforms where professionals can list their services which may be of use to the creators. Also, buyers may offer collaborations or business opportunities. With ever changing technical and commercial environment, Idea City will endeavour to looking into adding other relevant services such protection of IPs.

3. Why I cannot see projects that I know is on your platform?

It could be due to the creators marking them as “private”. This means only people directly involved can view and interact while the public does not get to see. Once you join the platform, you can request, subject to acceptance, to be inside such projects.

4. I am a designer, can I be a professional?

Yes, when you first join, you sign up with a profile, say creator. After that, you can add profiles.

5. Why am I not seeing the right points for my profile?

Please ensure you have completed the required information correctly. If you have the same issue, please contact us and we will be glad to assist.

6. What is pre-seed and seed funding?

These terms are constantly evolving. Generally, pre-seed refers to upto 500k funding for initial products/prototypes while seed is for products into market fit or early revenue.

7. I am already registered with another crowd funding platform, can I register with Idea City?

Definitely, we welcome all parties wanting to succeed.

8. We are a non-profit organisation, can we join Idea City?

Idea City is a platform open to all. Commercial negotiations are done between the parties involved. By joining Idea City, you agree to our terms and conditions which are applied to all.