Small steps, huge challenge - overcoming mobility issue for wheelchair users in old HDB flats

by Alvin Tan

In older HDB flats, typically there are steps leading up to the corridor units. For wheelchair users, this impedes their ability to get in and out of the unit indepedently, which reduces the oportunities for the wheelchair user to be integrated with the society.

Ramps are a option, but they may not work in all cases e.g. those with narrow corridors. Cost is another issue, as motorised options typically cost much more. Another area to work around are the various policy issues imposed by HDB, SCDF, BCA and Town Councils.

Are we able to come up with an affordable solution to allow wheelchair users to get in and out of the unit independently, without the need to modify existing infrastructure?

Resources needed
Assistive Technology Specialist
Occupational Therapist