Technology Industrial Design

by John Lim

Hardware industrial design.

Red Dot Industrial Design Award 2015.


Creative, Branding & Marketing

by Penny Ho

We provide professional services to companies aiming to establish an identify, branding and marketing presence.


Online booking form

by Hooi Ling Chin

We have a widget that you can add to your own website to accept bookings from your customers!


Product and Industrial Design

by Sain Keat Chuang

Titane+'s 10 years old industrial design team resides in our Shanghai studio. we are have a mature design process that includes Design Research, Product Definition, Ideation, Conceptualisation, 3D modelling, CMF (Color, Material, Finishing), UX (User Experience), Technical Surfacing, Engineering Support, etc.


Branding and Communication

by Sain Keat Chuang

Titane+'s 10 years old brand and communication team resides in our Kunming studio. we are have a mature brand process that includes Business Identity, Function Identity, Communication Identity, Visual Identity, Product Identity and Space Identity. Apart from assisting businesses to define and redefine their brand position, we also assist our clients to implement their brand strategy.


Perfumery and Education

by Jessie Tong

Mobile Responsive Websites

by Shabbir Goolamabbas

Virtual Commissioning

by Senthil kumar


The joint development of mechanical and electrical systems along with the automation as overall system helps machine builders implement individual and flexible machine concepts in the shortest possible time. Virtual commissioning is an essential aspect when it comes to reducing machine development times. 


Challenge: shorter commissioning time

Increased requirements relating to the flexibility and efficiency require the implementation of increasingly complex automation solutions in the shortest possible time. When developing a new machine tool, the commissioning repre- sents the most capital-intensive phase.
If the completed machine has to be modi- fied – for example, by having to add additional sensors and actuators, then shipment is delayed significantly. Remaining engineering errors can also result in damage during commissioning. A flexible, integrated solution is required to shorten the commissioning phase and to be able to identify possible faults at the earliest possible opportunity.