Food Packaging and Smart Food solutions - Accelerating products into the market

by Radiana Soh

I'm looking for interested partners to commercialize product solutions together in the areas of food solutions ranging from packaging and food sensors, flavor retention, preservatives, food alternates. If you have IPs and not planning to commercialize them, let me know too!

Today, 9 billion people on the planet is facing food shortages, and just the opposite side of the world , millions of people are wasting food. The hot and humid weather conditions in Asia is pushing customers demanding for more transparent packaging to see the food contents and also to extend the shelf life of food . We also expect that with better oxygen, UV, odor barrier, the food will stay in good condition for a longer period of time. This in turn may help reduce the amount of food preservatives and may help improve inventory turnaround.

We are trying to build the ecosystem based in Singapore from testing standards, to food testing solutions, or even solutions to improve the cold chain logistics via new startups and spin offs.

If you have solutions , please write to me at

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