Device That Allows You to Precisely Identify Colours & Fonts

by Winnie Poon

Writing comes naturally to many people. It is a conveyance of a message that is demonstrated through some medium, many times being visual. However, writing is only half the tale. In order to make a document gleam and stand out, it needs to look professional. Choosing the write font to convey a message can be insanely difficult as you scroll through the endless feeds of fonts, looking for that one you saw that one time- and it looked fantastic.

Fortunately, the device sets to assist writers and designers with a new device that precisely identifies colors and fonts. The device uses a camera and specialized algorithm that analyzes and then precisely determines exactly what font was used and the colors it contains. The device is currently under development by ACME who wants to take the guesswork out of design.

The device uses a system derived from the machine learning software called XYZ algorithm. However, the device analyzes fonts instead of recognizing shapes of images of animals. It can recognize even minute details including color, size, kerning and leading- as well as a unique feature that can let you know where to buy it.

Unfortunately, the device is still in the early stages of development. The product currently must be used with a strict set of rules such as the font must be 48pt font size or less and captured right-side-up. Also, it can currently only recognize a select few fonts. However, over the next two years, ACME hopes to finalize the project and bring the device to market.. ACME hopes the device will cost no more than US $80. Hopefully, the device will enable writers and designers alike to create a piece with a font that looks the same on a computer as it does on paper, saving time, money, and frustrations.

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by Jackie Tan

fundMyLife is an early-stage insurtech startup that helps users ask financial planning questions and connect with financial advisors that they can trust, with consultant profiles and client reviews.

Our vision is to make financial planning great again, and empower consumers to confidently make sound financial decisions. We want to be the one-stop portal for all things financial planning. 

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Industrial Hemp Reproduction Factory Equity token

by Ilvers Sermols

"Secret Trees"

Hemp cultivation has been around for thousands of years, with new uses for hemp being continuously developed. Through time the benefits and usage of the miracle plant have been discovered, and the material can be used for a wide range of products!

Previously the cultivation of hemp has been prohibited; as the most productive source of fiber, oil, and protein on our planet, it seems prohibition was unnecessary. Today, we have industries that give us process and products that have led to the unprecedented ecological crisis and worldwide destruction of the biological heritage that we should bequeath to our children, grandchildren, and future generations. 

A mixture of industrial hemp, lime, sand, and water – hempcrete is the cutting edge of innovation in green building. This eco-friendly alternative to concrete can be used to provide better quality housing as well as cars and clothing. 
With increasing demand for hemp-based products across the globe, there is a need for good quality hemp that can be moved around the world at a rapid rate of speed. Our reproduction factory enables a token holder to reduce transaction costs and the speed of shipping by allowing transportation from the factory to customers.

One of the biggest issues for farmers is the upfront costs required to cultivate hemp. Crop futures have been used by larger crop producers to write off these costs by pre-selling a portion of their crop. Through the Secret Trees token, hemp farmers will have the same option. The metrics for the portion of crop to be sold will be decided by Secret Trees, we aim to take into account failure of crops, weather fluctuations, accidents, etc.


After processing hemp, three different materials are produced and gathered;  Hurds, Fibers, and Seeds.

  • Hurds (are… put a brief description of exactly what Hurds are here (woody fibers from the core plant.. and a little more if needed?)… and can be used in products such as roofing tiles, wallboards, fibreboards, insulation, paneling, plates, fashion products and furniture, etc.
  • Fibers (are… put a brief description of exactly what Fibres are here) in the after manufacturing process can be used as paper, geotextiles, fashion products, textiles as recent it can be used as straw for bale in wall construction for heating or alternatively, can be blended with mud for cob style construction.
  • Seed extraction methods are also emerging to gather the oil since they achieve high yield. Such methods use hexane, liquid carbon dioxide, and ethanol as solvent. Refining and deodorizing steps can be required in cosmetics manufacturing. As well as personal hygiene, soap, bath gels, shampoos.

The various options include technical products, fuel, printing inks solvents.

Secret Trees
The goal of the Secret Trees project is to utilize the benefits of industrial hemp to produce eco-friendly products for customers, through use of state-of-the-art technology.


One of the biggest issues for farmers is the upfront costs required to cultivate hemp (e.g., gas for tractors, weeding, harvesting, etc.). Crop futures have been used by larger crop producers to write off these costs by pre-selling a portion of their crop. Through the ST token, hemp farmers will have the same option. The metrics for the portion of the crop to be sold will be decided by ST; we aim to take into account failure of crops, weather fluctuations, accidents, etc.
The risks need to be considered as well of the season yield and importance what variety is used. The best results can be archived by the in-depth research of geographic and climate conditions to maximize the quality of the breed.

Not, at last, the harvesting season which can fail the technical devices, harvesters.

The vision at Secret Trees is to reshape the construction costs for private homes by opening unprecedented opportunities in the agro-cultural market, giving farmers, construction companies the ability to radically reduce costs. This is the end of high costs in the construction market and the beginning of mass-scale sustainable housing development.

The benefits of farmers using our token include;

  • Hedging: the ability to lock-in profits as hemp farmers is now afforded and can be used as insurance for processing costs.
  • Price discovery: the pricing of the futures reflects the price movement expectations of both producers of hemp and Secret Trees, the ST token will allow farmers to estimate future spot prices for their hemp.

Secret Trees research has provided a reasonable conclusion. The fact that within 30 years single-family household costs will increase dramatically, hence Secret Trees have prioritized alternative construction materials to reduce these costs and promote sustainable development.

The most familiar example of these alternative construction materials is “Hempcrete,” a lightweight, cementitious composite made with industrial hemp hurds. Secret Trees produced Hempcrete is a unique blend of specially produced hurds, lime, and water. We produce this in modular blocks similar to concrete masonry units.

! Hempcrete should not be mistaken for reinforced concrete as the materials are not structural, nor can it be used in foundations since the natural fibers will degrade with prolonged exposure to moisture.

With operations set-up in Latvia, Secret Trees have a great geographical position, particularly for Europe’s relatively cheap workforce and to expand new jobs. Furthermore, with most of the world's hemp produced in China, Secret Trees offer high-quality EU produced hemp that is less expensive to transport due to our central location. Our hemp reproduction quality base will be certified with ISO 9001 EU standards 

Secret Trees
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Secret Trees Project
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