Large size Gallium Nitride Epitaxial wafers for Power Electronics - Looking for Investment

by Radiana Soh

Power efficiencies are costing humongous amount of electrical bills by companies and consumers today. The use of Silicon technology is passing its limits today and is affecting high switching speeds for required performance in the space of Power Electronics. 

The market forecasts of Power Electronics to reach US$17 billion by 2020. 

With the utilization of Gallium nitride technology, not only the switching speeds can improve by 100x, the form factor of the device such as converters, transformers can only reduce significantly up to 60%. 

The team in Singapore has developed the capabilities to grow large size 6" to 8" inch Gallium-nitride-on silicon wafers without delamination for at least 600V performance and a portfolio of IPs locally. The first product - 6" GaN-on-Si epitaxial wafer for 600-650V is planned by Early 2017 for market validations. We are looking for the next stage of funding around S$2.5M-S$5M 

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